Monday, May 26, 2008

Off to the MTC

Maren and my sojourn began on the 14th of May when we flew, with Cody, from Ketchikan to Phoenix. As are with most trips to the lower 48 the schedule was fast paced and sleep available only in brief snatches. We completed getting together the clothing and supplies Cody would need for his two year mission.

On Saturday the 17th we attended the temple and Cody received his endowments. It was truly nice to be there with Cassie, Russell and family along with many other members of the South Mountain Ward.

On Sunday the 18th Cody spoke at stake conference allowing us to hear his testimony one more time before departing. After a quick trip to St. Johns to see Maren's dad and Step-mom, Russell and Peggy, we returned to Phoenix in time for Cody to be set apart by President Richard Johnson of the Phoenix Stake.

For Family home evening on Monday we all ventured to In-and-Out Burger so Cody could have one final four-by-four and Animal Fries. The kind of meal that would cause dollar signs to appear in the eyes of any Cardiologist.

Mid-morning on the 20th found us at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport to catch a flight to Salt Lake City. Cody's largest suitcase came in four pounds over the maximum weight forcing him to pay extra fees. Ryan, Laz and Cynthia accompanied us as far the security area. With one final hug to some of his closest friends (yes Cynthia received only a hand shake by mission standards) good-byes were mixed with tears as we turned and passed the sign that read 'Passengers only beyond this point'.

We spent the night at April and George's house in Draper just north of Provo. This was our first opportunity to sleep in all week. We woke to a cloudy rainy day and after shaving and showering Cody dawned a suit, which will be his uniform for the next two years and we headed off to the MTC.

The easy way to tell first time parents at the MTC is those who didn't know to cut the threads in the suit pocket before coming. It was nice that a thoughtful sister had a stitch remover available just for that instance. We got several pictures then proceeded to the chapel for the orientation. The talks where encouraging and uplifting. We parted ways with Maren and I going out one door and Cody going out the other.

Maren and I headed back to Salt Lake City then to Seattle, returning to Ketchikan on the 22nd. Our prayers are with Cody as he prepares to enter the mission Field.


Bob & Danya said...

Good luck Cody. We look forward to future updates on the blog.

Little Family!!!! said...

Cody I am soooo proud of you!! I can't wait to get more updates. Good luck out there.